“Prioritize Regular Medical Check Ups” — CEO, Prescott Medical Center.

Senior medical practitioner who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of Prescott Medical Center — one of the most outstanding private health facilities on the African continent, Jefferson Asare Danquah has emphasized that Ghanaians must see regular medical check up as a very important thing as they strive hard day and nights to acquire properties and live a good life.

It is said that the greatest wealth in this world is health. Many people do not take this saying seriously as they are always chasing material things. “What sense does it make to acquire all the great material things in the world and when it’s time to enjoy, your health fails you”

As a professional medical practitioner with many years of experience and has been advocating for healthy life practices, he has realized that many Ghanaians do not take their health related matters seriously, they hardly visit the hospital for check up, even when they are sick and doctors prescribes drugs and other behavioral changes to keep them healthy — they don’t take them seriously which is very bad.

He believes this does not only affect the individuals but also affects the whole nation as far as the productivity is concerned. A country with unhealthy workforce should be worried about its productivity and growth.

It is really sad to see or hear people jubilating because for many years, the my have never visited the hospital for treatment or check ups which the health practitioner describes as a very appalling behavior.

For many years now even while he was in school, he has been advocating and advising people to make it part of them to regularly visit health facilities to check their current health status.

According to him, it helps in so many ways. For instance, it helps to identify early signs of health issues. When health check up is prioritized, doctors are able to know and give guidance on medical history, family’s history of disease and lifestyle, including diet, weight, physical activity, alcohol use and others.

At his medical center located in Accra-Madina, 23 Durban St. UPSA Opp. Home Made Restaurant Junction they offer best of services with outstanding customer relations. Aside visiting the ultramodern facilities, they also offer home service where professionals and extremely experienced health practitioners visits patients to serve them from the comfort of their homes which many clients free to even coming to the facility.

The facility operates everyday, every minute, every hour to ensure that their main objective of offering the best health care to the general public.

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