This Is Why M.anifest Has Lost Interest In Conversations On Copyright & Royalties

Ghanaian rap artiste and record producer, Kwame Ametepe Tsikata known in Showbiz as M.anifest has revealed why he has lost interest in conversations concerning copyright and royalties in Ghana.

The phenomenon rapper has said on record that since the beginning of his beautiful career, no Ghanaian music rights organization has given him a dime as royalty from his timeless catalogue. Many Ghanaian creatives have shared same plight and even those who are fortunate to get some receives little.

Issue concerning copyright is arguably one of the most discussed topics in the Ghanaian creative space — many Ghanaian creatives have over the years complained bitterly because they are not getting what they deserve upon all the great projects they have out there.

Earlier this morning on Atinka television, Bernard Lav asked for opinion of the Ghanaian born rapper with huge international recognition, M.anifest on issues of copyright and royalties and he was frank as he has always been.

According to the VGMA best rapper of the year 2017 — he has monitored and engaged in such discussions, and he has realized that many people claiming to be on top of issues have little or no knowledge about how the whole copyright and royalty process works.

In 2018, the Chairman of GHAMRO, Rex Omar, told Citi Showbiz that M.anifest had not assigned his works to the organization – which means he was not a member and could not take his royalties from them.

M.anifest responded to Rex Omar’s position on the matter after Starr FM had tweeted a similar statement Rex Omar made on their station.

According to the ‘godMC’ rapper, even though he has not registered with the South African Music Right Organisation (SAMRO) and UK’s Performing Rights Society (PRS), he gets royalties from them.

“I am not a member of samro or prs but s.a. and u.k. royalties have been flowing. Thanks for understanding. You’re a legend BTW. Much respect,” he wrote.

He has therefore come to realization that, it’s about time he focuses on things he can control with regards to his career because since time immemorial, there has been conversations on this subject matter but arguably nothing has changed.

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