Unfortunate! Senior High School Student With Disability Faces Accessibility Challenges

Gabriel Buertey Narh, a form one student living with disability attending Ghanata Senior High School in Dodowa is struggling with significant accessibility issues, which hinder his mobility and overall educational experience. The lack of proper wheelchair ramps and the necessity of relying on his mother for assistance have created immense challenge for the young student. With no income due to her mum’s commitment to supporting her son’s education, the family’s financial situation has become dire. They are appealing to the public for assistance to improve their circumstances.

Gabriel faces daily obstacles within the school premises due to the inadequate number and unsuitability of wheelchair ramps. According to the student, the existing ramps are not designed to accommodate his needs, making it extremely difficult for him to move freely around the school. The lack of proper accessibility has significantly impacted his ability to attend classes, interact with peers, and utilize essential facilities.

One of the most distressing challenges is the need for physical assistance when using the restroom. The child depends on his devoted mother, who has made the difficult decision to cease employment in order to support her son’s education. Without the means to hire an aide or acquire necessary support services, the mother has taken on the responsibility of manually carrying her son to the restroom whenever needed. This arrangement not only places a heavy burden on her physically but also leaves the family in a precarious financial situation.

Due to the mother’s unemployment, the family’s financial resources have become severely strained. The lack of income has resulted in instances where they have been unable to afford regular meals, compounding their already challenging circumstances. Recognizing the urgency of their situation, the family is reaching out to the public, appealing for support to address the critical issues they face.

In response to these concerns, the headmistress of Ghanata senior High school, Mrs. Constance Amofah, expressed her sympathy for the child and his family. She acknowledged the existing accessibility challenges and assured us of the school’s commitment to addressing the issue promptly. She emphasized that, the school is working very hard to ensure the inclusion and well-being of all students, including Gabriel who is living with a disability but issues associated with wheelchair ramps is very expensive and hence, would also appeal to the public to come to the aid of the school.

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