Passion & Determination; Ghanaian Basic School Teacher Turns Cyber Security Expert In The UK

From Kyebi-Odumase in the Abuakwa-South Municipality, Ghana, Vera Animah Koranteng, a dedicated basic schoolteacher, embarked on an unexpected journey that has reshaped her future. In 2021, she graduated from the University of Cape Coast with first-class Honours. She studied Education in Religion, Human Values and Ghanaian Language (Twi)

It was in the classroom that Vera developed passion for IT. Determined to equip her students with essential computer skills and break into the dynamic world of technology, she sought to bridge the gap between her teaching expertise and the digital realm. In January 2022, she made a pivotal decision to start this interesting journey.

Vera embraced the ‘Women in Technology’ initiative, joining a three-month IT program at the J.B. Danquah Memorial IT Centre in Kyebi. This not only honed her digital skills but underscored the government’s dedication to empowering women in technology. This led her to a transformative IT program where she gained skills in digital marketing, graphic designing, networking, cybersecurity and basic coding.

Empowered by her newfound knowledge, Vera applied to some leading universities in the United Kingdom for a master’s program in computer science, specializing in Cybersecurity, and four institutions welcomed her, recognizing her determination and unique journey.

Vera’s path shifted when she received a scholarship from Dr. Kingsley Kwame Agyemang, the registrar of Ghana scholarships to study at the University of the West of England Bristol in 2022. Dr Agyemang stands out as a visionary figure, steadfastly supporting aspiring learners like Vera, showcasing the transformative impact of his unwavering assistance. His role extends beyond providing a scholarship; he symbolizes the driving force that turns dreams into reality.

The culmination of Vera’s journey was nothing short of astonishing. A former basic schoolteacher with no formal IT background in her degree, she emerged triumphant with flying colors, achieving excellent grades in all the courses she undertook. Vera’s research centers on using blockchain, an emerging technology to combat DDoS attacks, showcasing her commitment to tech innovation under the supervision of Dr. Sarfraz Brohi. Leveraging blockchain’s secure nature, she aims to strengthen cybersecurity and safeguard digital systems, aligning with her proactive approach to digital defense.

She graduated on Thursday 23rd of November 2023 at Bristol Cathedral College Green, United Kingdom with a Degree with Merit, MSC. Cyber Security.
Vera’s journey, a testament to passion and determination, serves as an inspiration to educators, learners, and dreamers, challenging the status quo and emphasizing the boundless possibilities in education.

Her profound gratitude goes to the esteemed Dr. Kingsley Kwame Agyemang, Dr. Ampem Darko, and the scholarly guidance of Mr Seth Siaw (PhD), for providing her with immeasurable inspiration. And to her Ghanaian study mates in the UK, cherished friends, and loved ones, who provided steadfast support, and were silent architects of her triumph.

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