GHOne Television Set To Launch ‘ACTUAL BOSSES WITH NANA ABA’ – A Fun and Engaging Kids Show.

GHOne TV is all set to embark on an exciting new venture, as it launches a captivating new kids show, ‘Actual Bosses with Nana Aba.’

The show aims to create a warm and friendly environment where children can freely express themselves and engage in meaningful conversations about everything under the sun.

Known for her exceptional interviewing skills and ability to connect with people, Nana Aba said “she is excited to extend her conversational talents to the younger generation”.

Nana Aba’s genuine interest in chatting with kids will undoubtedly make the show a joyful and interactive experience for both the young participants and adults.

‘Actual Bosses with Nana Aba’ will feature discussions on hobbies, dreams, aspirations, and even challenges that children may face.

The show will also highlight the achievements and talents of young individuals, inspiring others to pursue their passions and embrace their uniqueness.

GHOne TV, known for its commitment to quality programming, is the perfect platform for ‘Actual Bosses with Nana Aba.’

‘Actual Bosses with Nana Aba’ is scheduled to premiere on GHOne TV, with broadcast details to be announced soon.

In addition to television, the show will also be available on various digital platforms, ensuring that children enjoy and participate in the at conversations at their convenience. Nana Aba and her nephew Kuku have already generated significant buzz on social media.

With her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for connecting with children, the show is all set to create a memorable and empowering experience.

This exciting new venture is poised to redefine children’s television programming in Ghana, inspiring young minds and encouraging them to become confident and ambitious.

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