Blogger Kobby Kyei Named Among 100 Most Inspiring 2023 Change Makers In Ghana.

Phenomenal blogger and social change advocate, Kobby Kyei has gradually become one of the most influential personalities in the country as a result of his style of blogging. Unlike other online personalities that focuses more on negativity, Kobby Kyei focuses on how he can impact lives positively and set a pace for the next generation.

In few years, this audacious choice and exceptional outlook have propelled him to unprecedented heights, allowing him to network and forge strategic alliances with the elite. Numerous people and groups across the nation have found joy and optimism in his style of journalism.

Over the years, Kobby Kyei has brought many grievances to light which have gotten results. From one documentary to the other, reports upon reports, almost every platform he gets — whether big or small, he advocates for the betterment of human welfare. Through these documentaries and reportage, many remote communities have gotten portable water, huge number of people with disability have gotten wheelchairs and other forms of support, just to mention a few.

Last year he started the Respect Zebra Crossing campaign — an initiative to educate drivers and pedestrians about the importance of respecting the said road markings. Many great and influential personalities from Ghana and across the world availed themselves to support this project. This project has had an unimaginable impact in the country.

After applause from many key personalities across the world, organizers of The Humanitarian Awards Global have named him among hundred most inspiring Change Makers in the country.

Few days ago, the Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) unveiled its list 100 Most Inspiring Change Makers in Ghana for 2023. In its mission to inspire the next generation of change makers in Ghana who are passionate about making a difference and challenging the status quo, Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) has released its annual publication to highlight and celebrate the remarkable achievements of individuals.

HAG has been actively involved in reshaping the narrative around change makers through award ceremonies, educational initiatives, summits, and ranking publications. “Through this project, we not only aim to celebrate change makers but also to showcase the individual and collective efforts of those who are genuinely inspiring the next generation of leaders, both within and beyond our borders.”

The selection process for these individuals involved nominations, thorough background checks on their impact activities, and board justifications to shortlist the top 100 individuals for the year under review. The criteria for shortlisting included leadership drive, influence, consistency, and, most importantly, community and social impact.

Every year, some previously recognized change makers are included in the list if they still meet the criteria and metrics, while new names also emerge. This publication provides these agents of change with an invaluable opportunity to be inspired and to continue pursuing their passion for improving lives and making a difference in their respective fields.
Below is the list of Humanitarian Awards Global’s ‘100 Most Inspiring Change Makers: Ghana 2023,’ presented in alphabetical order.

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