Missing Children Ghana Unveils New Offices In A Milestone For Children & Women’s Rights Advocacy

Missing Children Ghana (MCG) has opened its new offices located at Adrabaka, in the heart of Accra, toward a significant stride in championing the rights of children and women in Ghana and Africa at large.

Situated on the Kojo Thompson Road, the newly opened offices are ready to serve as a lifeline for families grappling with the heart-wrenching challenges of missing, trafficked, or exploited children and relatives. Beyond that, the offices will serve as a centre to actively advance the rights of women and children through impactful initiatives.
In a brief remark at the opening of the new offices, the founder and Executive Director of Missing Children Ghana, Regina Asamoah, noted that acquiring the office space was crucial in effectively coordinating the issues of missing children.

She added that the offices will afford families a place and the serenity they need to report issues of their missing children and to get professional assistance.
“The offices will play a critical role in ensuring the proper coordination and handling of cases involving missing children. When a child goes missing, it is the most traumatic moment for a family. Opening our offices will enable families the opportunity to come in and get prompt professional assistance as they search for their loved ones,” Ms. Asamoah stressed. She highlighted the organization’s commitment to keeping hope alive and guiding families through the challenging processes as it core values of hope, empathy, excellence, and professionalism state.

Ms. Asamoah further expressed her deepest gratitude to the CEO of IPMC Ghana, Mr Amar Deep Singh Hari, the provider of the offices. She also extended heartfelt appreciation to other partners, including the Ghana Police Service, Department of Social Welfare, Ghana Italian Women Association (GIWA), Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Catholic Relief Services Ghana, Plan International Ghana, and Interplast Company Limited for their unwavering support.

Commendations and pledges of support Meanwhile, the president of the Ghana Italian Women Association, Mrs Rosaria Leone Baldi, who was present at the opening of the new offices, commended Missing Children Ghana for their dedication, commitment, and consistency in handling cases of missing children. With the new office space, there’s a shared hope that the organisation will enhance its services for desperate families searching for their loved ones, Mrs. Baldi said. Representing IPMC Ghana, Mr Birbal Sandhu applauded the humanitarian work of Missing Children Ghana, expressing joy and satisfaction of their company’s ongoing commitment and support.

The opening ceremony was also graced by the Lead Pastor of Christos Chapel International, Rev. Benjamin Antwi, who urged the Missing Children Team to remain steadfast in their dedication, describing their work as a divine calling.
All partners present pledged their perpetual support in helping MCG achieve its vision in that children and adults who go missing will be found and reunited with their families

About Missing Children Ghana
Established by multiple award-winning Ghanaian Journalist, Regina Asamoah, Missing Children Ghana is the first public benefit organization in Ghana dedicated to finding and reuniting missing children.

In a riveting milestone on May 24, 2023, Regina Asamoah officially unveiled the grand debut of Missing Children Ghana, a groundbreaking initiative that emerged triumphantly after two years of crafting the evocative Missing Children Documentary series.
This spectacular launch not only marked the second anniversary of the compelling documentary series but also stood as a beacon of hope, having successfully orchestrated the reunion of over 200 families with their missing loved ones.

As the spotlight shone on this momentous occasion, the event was further embellished with significance—it marked the inaugural celebration of International Missing Children’s Day in the heart of Ghana. Imagine the joy, the emotions, and the shared determination to make a lasting impact on the lives of those touched by the poignant stories woven into the fabric of the documentary series.

Regina Asamoah’s vision and relentless dedication were vividly brought to life in the launch of Missing Children Ghana. This isn’t just an organization; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling, compassion, and the unwavering commitment to reunite families torn apart by the heart-wrenching reality of missing loved ones.

Families grappling with the distressing experience of a missing loved one can now take a proactive step towards reuniting with them. Missing Children Ghana has established a user-friendly platform on its website (www.missingchildrenghana.com), where families can promptly report details about their missing relatives.

This digital hub becomes a central point for initiating the search process, allowing families to share crucial information that can aid in locating their loved ones. The website serves as more than just a reporting tool; it’s a virtual lifeline connecting families with the dedicated efforts of Missing Children Ghana.

But the collaboration doesn’t end there. Missing Children Ghana goes beyond the virtual realm, actively engaging with the Ghana Police Service and the Department of Social Welfare. This dynamic collaboration forms a powerful alliance, pooling resources and expertise to intensify the search for missing children or persons.
It’s a synergy of technology, community, and law enforcement working in harmony to address the critical issue of missing individuals. By leveraging both the online platform and strategic partnerships, Missing Children Ghana is a united force committed to bringing families back together.

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