Get Better Approach, Colonial Way Of Policing During Demonstrations Very Worrying — Ghana Police Told.

Political talk show host on Atinka Television, Nana Yaw Fianko known in the media circles as The Speaker, has criticized the modus operandi of the Ghana police service during demonstrations and has described it as outmoded. He says it is about time the said government institution adopts modern ways of policing during these times.

In the last few days, some ordinary and influential Ghanaians were on the streets of Accra to demonstrate — voice out their frustrations concerning the current deplorable state of the economy — high cost of living, unemployment among the youthful population and other critical issues in the country. Information available in the media, both old and new media platforms has it that, some of these protesters were mishandled by police officers at the scene which was really worrying.

Earlier today on Ghana Nie — the morning show on Atinka television, Nana Yaw Fianko took time to address this issue which keeps happening anytime Ghanaian citizens steps out to share their grievances. Fianko believes this approach where people are abused whiles exercising their constitutional right is something that needs to be looked at as a matter urgency.

According to him, this was an approach used by the colonial masters to prevent their colonies from protesting for what they deserve. He is extremely worried about how after many decades and upon everything, institutions empowered to ensure law and order in a sovereign country like Ghana has not been able to adopt modern measures to ensure that citizens protest without infringing on their rights.

Fianko is one of the Ghanaian journalists who on several occasions have commended the current leadership of the Ghana police service for their immense effort to uplift the name and standard of the institution, but he thinks what they do when it comes to demonstrations, it must be improved.

Watch video below for more detailed information on what he said……………

In a statement dated September 23, 2023, and signed by ACP Grace Ansah Akrofi.It was said the institution is not against protests by any individual or group, they do feel that order must prevail in all situations to protect Ghana’s democratic reputation.

“The Police would also like to apologise to members of the public who were inconvenienced in one way or the other, especially those who were caught up in the vehicular holdups during the demonstration.”

“We would like to assure the public once again, that the Service is not against any person or group of persons who may want to demonstrate. We have a track record of providing security for demonstrations in the past and would continue to do so within the confines of the law.”

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