Meet Sir Don Francis, A Village Primary School Teacher Changing The Narrative.

There are lots of disappointing and discouraging factors making the teaching profession in Ghana unattractive but irrespective of all that, there are few among the huge number who does the job with much excitement and hope that, great things can happen in the end if there is a positive mindset and commitment.

Amidst all the challenges in the Ghana education sector, especially the basic and junior high school level in the rural communities in the country, some teachers have been phenomenal — doing mind blowing stuff to impact these children and the entire nation. There are parts of this country where students struggle to get basic necessities that ensures proper and easy teaching and learning which has made schooling unattractive yet, these phenomenal teachers are doing their possible best to change the narrative.

One of such outstanding teachers i have encountered is Sir Francis of Afransie SDA basic school in the Gomoa East district in the Central Region of Ghana. The thirty year old teacher believes no matter how bad or difficult the situation is, how stressful and discouraging the job is, there is always hope for better days and that, everyone in the teaching profession must be ready to contribute to the massive change they yearn for.

He is the class five teacher of the school that lacks most of the basic necessities — teaching and learning materials, a school with majority of the students having issues with uniforms and footwear making coming to school unattractive. Interestingly, Francis contributing his quota to make it extremely attractive.

After less than three years as a teacher in the school — Afransie SDA Kindergarten and primary school, due to his commitment, unique style of teaching, his personal relationship with students and their parents, his contributions and suggestions in the daily running of the school, donations from his friends, the narrative is gradually changing and he hopes to do more.

According to Sir Francis, the teaching profession in developing countries like Ghana is extremely hectic, the system is not as good as it is in the western world and that, if practitioners do not psych themselves and also employ other in means to bring change, there is no way our society in general will get better.

Few weeks ago at one of the events i attended, i met 34-year-old Stella Gyimah Larbi, an English Language Teacher from Adenta Community Junior High School in the Greater Accra Region who was adjudged Ghana’s Most Outstanding Teacher at the 2022 Ghana Teacher Prize held in Tamale. She also told me an interesting story of what really made her stand out among all the many teachers in the country.

The sacrifices Sir Francis is doing in the school and almost the entire community is mind blowing and needs to be seen by the crème de la crème in the education sector and the country at large. Francis needs recognition and more support be able to do more and also encourage others to follow his steps.

Sir Francis is very good on the blackboard — he does his possible best to make sure almost every child gets the import of what he is teaching, his focus is on helping the children get a better foundation which he believes is prerequisite for success.

This young man says since Singapore and many other developed countries didn’t get to where they are now, with a better mentality, individual support and commitment Ghana will be a better place.

Francis is a product of Atebubu Training College in the Bono East Region. It is one of the 46 Public College of Education in the country. He is from Wogu in the Upper West region but grew up in Atebubu, Bono East Region and also lived in Techiman.

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  1. I’m proud but not surprised to see this article about you Francis. This young man uses his salary to do charity works especially for the betterment of his pupils. I’m happy he’s getting the recognition. Well done.

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