KIND GESTURE: Tobinco Group Donates To Chief Imam Ahead Of Eid ul-Adha Celebration

The Tobinco Group of Companies has donated food items to the National Chief Imam. The donation was in support of Muslims in the country as they celebrate this year’s Eid ul-Adha.

A fat bull, 10 bags of rice, 20 cartons of assorted drinks, 20 packs of bottled water, two boxes of tomato paste, and two big gallons of oil were among the items donated. The presentation of these items, done on behalf of the Executive Chairman of the Tobinco Group of Companies, Nana Amo Tobbin I, was part of the Tobinco Group’s corporate social responsibility through the Samuel Amo Tobbin Foundation.

Representatives from the various subsidiaries of the Tobinco Group, such as the SAT Foundation, Abii National Bank, Priority Insurance Ltd., Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited, Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre, Atinka Media Village, Dor Events, and Toblues Properties, presented the items under the direction of Mr. Daniel Gyapanin, the Financial Controller of the Tobinco Group of Companies.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Chairman, Mr. Daniel Gyapanin, the Chief Financial Controller of the Group emphasized the importance of sharing with the Chief Imam and the entire Muslim community in the time of Eid, hence the gesture. He observed that several people in the community regularly traveled to the Chief Imam’s residence for food, and added that the food items would not only benefit the Chief Imam but also those who frequently visited his residence for food.

Mr. Gyapanin urged the Muslim community to live in peace and harmony while celebrating the season, as well as before, during, and after the 2024 elections.

He also encouraged the public to patronize goods and services from the Tobinco Group of Companies, especially that of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited, assuring them of their quality, accessibility, and affordability.
For his part, the Chief Imam thanked and blessed Nana Amo Tobbin I, his family, and the entire Tobinco Group for the kind gesture.
He commended the group for remembering him and his people and prayed for them, saying that while the benefactors consume the food, they will also bless the Executive Chairman, his family, and the entire group for the love shown to them.

Rev. Emmanuel Yirebi, chaplain for the Tobinco Group of Companies, also prayed for the Chief Imam and his family, asking God to continue to guide and protect him and provide him with eternal peace.
He also prayed for the country during the festive season and electioneering.

Story By: Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori

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