Duncan William & Eastwood Anaba Are ‘Judas’ – Samuel Aryeequaye Fires

The National Organizer of the Liberal Party Ghana, Samuel Paa Kwesi Aryeequaye has said that Archbishop Duncan-Williams and Rev Eastwood Anaba’s resignation from the National Cathedral Board of Trustees is not different from what Judas Iscariot did in the Bible.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Reverend Eastwood Anaba few days ago resigned from the National Cathedral’s Board of Trustees over its lack of transparency. In a statement signed by the two, they attributed the resignation to the failure of Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo’s government to appoint an independent accounting firm to audit all public funds contributed to the controversial project.

“Further to the National Cathedral in January 2023 as Trustees of the Board of Trustees we submitted a draft Resolution to the said Board resolving that current activities advancing the construction of Ghana’s National Cathedral be deferred until the findings of an audit. This deferment included a cessation of activities of the Board of Trustees. Specifically, our Resolution stated, in the spirit and cause of transparency and accountability to the Ghanaian people the current Board of Trustees of The National Cathedral shall appoint an independent accounting firm to audit all public funds contributed to The National Cathedral. This appointment of an auditor shall take place before the deferment of the activities of the Board of Trustees.”

According to National Organizer of the Liberal Party Ghana, it is long overdue, and they must be blamed for the mess caused by the President on the said Project. Aryeequaye believes their resignation was influenced by the pressure mounting on government and projections that this government will lose the next election, and “this is exactly what Judas did to Jesus”.

“……they must account to Ghanaians on their inputs to the project. They received allowance. I once watched a video of Duncam Williams saying all persons opposing the project were doing it on Partisan basis and such persons are more loyal to their parties than to the bible and what has changed now. Resigning alone is not enough” he challenged.

Story by; Ebenezer Kewaw Madugu

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