Respect Zebra Crossing Campaign: Blogger Kobby Kyei Appreciates Volunteers For Massive Support

Last Friday at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, it was so exciting to see many Ghanaian youth stepping out to throw maximum support behind blogger Kobby Kyei to intensify his respect zebra crossing campaign.

Many males and females from far and near availed themselves to help engage drivers and pedestrians on why it is very important to respect zebra crossing on our roads. These drivers’ willingness to respond to message from these volunteers shows that with more efforts, this initiative will yield great results.

Disrespect for zebra crossing is one of the major problems on our roads which really needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency. It is so disheartening to see school children, old men and women standing at these joints, but drivers do not stop for them to cross.

On that day, aside these volunteers having talks with drivers and other road users, they also took it upon themselves to help many people cross the road with ease.

In the course of the campaign, some drivers also raised issues on why they sometimes do not stop for pedestrians to cross — according to some of the drivers, it is not always intentional not stop at these joints for people to cross, the truth of the of the matter is that most of the lines on the road to prompt them have faded out.

They therefore called on authorities responsible to make sure that they are correctly done to prompt drivers and other users anytime they get to the said areas.

In a conversation with Kobby Kyei who brought this great idea and brought together this huge number of people, he expressed his utmost appreciation to all those who has been supportive of his initiatives till date and wishes God blessing upon their lives. He sent thank you message to the marketing manager of Twellium Industrial Company Limited, Mr. Ali Ajami for his immense support.

Mr. Anthony Dzamefe — Chief Executive Officer of Caveman Watches, a purely made in Ghana watch brand. This man according to Kobby Kyei has been very supportive of this and many of his initiatives.

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