Kobby Kyei Throws Light On The Plight Of Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School

Better education they say is a right not a privilege but the current condition of children at Oduman Asuaba near Obom in the Ga south municipality, Greater Accra region is a direct opposite of this saying.

It’s so disheartening to see a basic school not in a remote area but in the same region that has the capital city of the country in such a state. In this school, children have to sit or sleep on the floor read or write — no tables and chairs for these students which does not affect only their academics but also their health.

As children in some parts of the world are learning and preparing themselves in better environments for a brighter future, children in the 67 year old country are lacking basic amenities and other items to ensure better education.

Online journalist, Kobby Kyei is known in Ghana and other pasts of the world for his captivating reports and documentaries on pertinent social issues — poor education, health, lack of potable drinking water etc. Together with his team this time around visited the said basic school to interact with authorities, teachers and some of the children.

Interacting with the teaching staff of the school, they poured out their hearts telling the general public the deplorable state of the school, the lack of furniture and other basic teaching and learning materials. Headmaster of the school,Emil Osei is calling on non governmental organizations, corporate bodies and individuals to come to their aid to support the children.

Parents of these innocent children also told the team the stress they go through to have them in this school. Check the video below

As Kobby Kyei has been doing a lot through his style of journalism, going to hinterlands to throw more lights on human interest stories and getting people on board to support, some notable personalities in the space are pledging to support these children.

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