‘Depression Is Real, Open Up For Help’ — Fred Kyei Mensah

The constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest in almost every activity — depression is real and many people across the globe are experiencing it. This affects their personal development, jobs, some even die out of it.

Experienced Ghanaian sound engineer and Showbiz pundit, Fred Kyei Mensah has urged people going through depression to open up for help. According to him on Onua Show Time with Nana Ama McBrown, almost every problem can be solved if one opens up for help.

Many people across the world are going through this problem which affects their mental health and sometimes leads to suicide. These people hardly opens up for help because of many reasons including judgmental responses from the society.

Lots of factors causes depression, some are going through marital or relationship issues, family issues, unemployment, unsuccessful business deals, life after disasters etc.

The sound engineer with decades of experience says though, the society sometimes worsens the situations but there are some good people around to offer help.

From his own experience, he shared what happened to him eight years ago — June 3, 2015, the unforgettable flood and fire disaster at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle which claimed many lives and properties. He revealed that, he loosing everything — his cars, well built recording studio, house etc got him overly depressed to the point he nearly committed suicide.

He survived that unforgettable extremely difficult moment in his entire life after he got help from some people. In previous conversations where he threw more lights on what he went through and how he survived, he mentioned the great support he got from Bishop Daniel Obinim and many others. After eight years, he is doing amazingly well again.

He said that, people should not think they are in this alone or are the first to go through that unbearable situation, there are people who have been through it and are always ready to offer a helping hand.

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