Ilebaye Odiniya Receives Double Strike For Violent Conduct

BBNaija All Stars housemate and former Level Up star, Ilebaye, has received a double strike on the show following multiple infringements of Big Brother’s rules.

Big Brother announced the punishment on Sunday, August 6, 2023, after playing several clips of Ilebaye clearly breaking the rules for the housemates and viewers to see.

After the usual weekend party on Saturday night, Ilebaye burst into tears over her sudden fallout with her in-house confidant, friend and fellow Level Up colleague, Doyin. Earlier in the day, the latter had approached the Kogi state indigene to talk about a fallout with an unnamed housemate. Ilebaye said she didn’t want to get involved, which hurt Doyin because she got involved in most of Ilebaye’s feuds.

The ‘Gen-Z baddie’ as she’s often called didn’t think that was enough to lose her friend, especially since she believed the other ladies had been targeting her and deliberately trying to make her look bad. Doyin, on the other hand, decided to vent about Ilebaye’s behaviour to Ceec, Mercy Eke, and Princess. They all agreed that Ilebaye’s behaviour is a strategy, and they were glad Doyin could finally see her true colors.

Noticing the discussion with Doyin, Ilebaye accused them of trying to ruin her friendship. Ceec then let her know all they were discussing and noted that she was at fault. This led to a heated exchange, fueled by name-calling and Ilebaye eventually pulled Ceec’s hair, almost getting into a physical altercation. The other ladies continued to egg her on, as Princess joined in to call her names. When Doyin eventually came to warn her that she would regret her actions, Ilebaye briefly grabbed her by the neck.

Before her double strike this Sunday, Ilebaye didn’t have any preceding strikes from Big Brother. CeeC and Doyin, who had been the other active people in the post-party drama, also received punishments from Big Brother. CeeC and Doyin were disqualified from Monday’s HOH, Black Envelope and Pardon Me Please games.

According to the Big Brother Naija rule, any housemate who receives three strikes automatically receives a disqualification and must leave the house immediately. Ilebaye is on thin ice in Big Brother’s house and any other strikes would mean an automatic disqualification.

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