Verna Water Recommended To Ex-President Kuffour

On August 10, 2023, Former President John Kufuor graciously welcomed the esteemed Twellium Industries Limited to his Aburi residence. The occasion marked a cordial visit by the Marketing Director, Mr. Ali Ajami, and his team to His Excellency.

During their interaction, the former president expressed his heartfelt commendation, acknowledging Twellium Industries Limited for its significant role in the growth of Ghana’s manufacturing sector. Over the past decade, the company has made remarkable strides in boosting the economy and improving the lives of Ghanaians. Mr. Ali Ajami highlighted the extensive reach of Twellium’s products, including Mcberry Biscuits and Cakes, which have successfully crossed borders and reached over 10 countries in West Africa. This expansion has not only reduced imports but has also solidified Ghana’s reputation for producing high-quality goods internationally.

Twellium Industries Limited’s distinguished certifications, ISO and HACCP, underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to adhering to global standards. This dedication has translated into significant socioeconomic benefits for Ghana, providing employment opportunities to more than 10,000 families through factories in Accra and Kumasi.

With a decade of dedicated manufacturing, Twellium Industries Limited has risen to an influential position in the Ghanaian and West African markets. The enduring impact of products like Mcberry Cakes, Mcberry Biscuits, Verna Mineral Water, and Rush Energy drink showcases the company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Mr. Ali Ajami, the Marketing Director, particularly emphasized the health benefits of Verna Mineral Water to the ex-President. The water’s low sodium content aligns seamlessly with the former leader’s health-conscious lifestyle. In return, the ex-President expressed his appreciation for Twellium products and their support of the John Kuffour foundation.

As a heartwarming conclusion, the ex-President shared Mcberry breakfast cereal with young visitors, reflecting the values of community, sharing, and goodwill that Twellium Industries Limited and its products embody.

The visit of Twellium Industries Limited’s Marketing Director and team to former President John Kufuor’s residence symbolized a significant convergence of achievements, commitment to quality, and recognition of the company’s impactful presence in Ghana and beyond. This event undeniably serves as a testament to Twellium’s remarkable journey and its pivotal role in shaping the nation’s industrial landscape.

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