Get Familiar With Bernard Buamah, CEO Of CutOut — A Ghanaian Fashion Brand.

From his days at the Saint Augustine’s College, an all-male boarding school in Cape Coast, he has always been described as a lover of fashion and interestingly, he is making a living out of his passion, creating employment and largely promoting Ghana through what he loves to do best. Bernard Buamah — a young Ghanaian entrepreneur who irrespective of the numerous challenges in the space, has always been extremely focused on improving on his unique services to customers from Ghana and across the world.

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Bernard is the Chief Executive Officer of CutOut, One of the fastest growing fashion brands in the world. CutOut is a unisex fashion label which is made locally to catch the attention of customers all over the world. Aside putting together beautiful outfits, Bernard has also been mentoring some young fashion designers as a way of helping them polish their skills to meet international standards.

CutOut has lots of beautiful designs but the most outstanding one on the market is the Ammamre Range, hugely patronized by locally and internationally. This design is created with the intention of promoting the rich Ghanaian culture and heritage. In this design, there are lots of beautiful ‘adinkra symbols’ displayed to tell captivating stories. According to Bernard, the ‘Ammamere Range’ has been their bestselling product in the last three years.

Over the years, Finishing, Embellishing and Packaging have been some major factors why many Ghanaians choose foreign products over made in Ghana product. As a graduate with an unimaginable knowledge in marketing and the mentality to make difference in the market, Bernard since the establishment of the fashion brand has capitalized on this to appeal to more customers. This has become one of his distinguishing factors aside their quality fabrics, unique designs and commendable customer service CutOut is known for its Finishing, Embellishing and Packaging.

Bernard has been one of the key beneficiaries of series of workshops, forums, conferences and seminars put together by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority for both facilitators of export services and the exporting companies.

Driven by passion for fashion and the mentality of impacting coming generations, Bernard who holds an Executive MBA in marketing has said if he would ever come to this world again, he will always choose to be in the fashion space. Though Bernard didn’t attend any vocational school to get this enviable knowledge he has in fashion but that notwithstanding, he believes vocational education is something every government and individual must prioritize.

The idea of building such a great brand started about seven years ago but officially, CutOut is half a decade. According to him, there are preparations underway to have a huge celebration where interesting stories will be told to inspire young entrepreneurs on the entire African Continent.

The journey of Bernard Buamah is really inspiring, a story every young entrepreneur must know to keep him or her thriving no matter the challenges. In a media interview, Bernard told an extremely fascinating story explaining how he is making impact through his bold decision.

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