Twellium Ghana Takes Lead In Environmental Sustainability With High-Tech Effluent Treatment Plant


Twellium Industrial Company which entered the Ghanaian beverage market in September 2013 has taken a giant step to lead an environmental sustainability project with High-Tech Effluent Treatment Plant

An Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a specialized facility designed to treat and purify industrial wastewater before its safe discharge into the environment.It employ various physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove contaminants, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimizing negative impacts on ecosystems and public health.

Water is a major component which is used in many industrial activities. It is used in many processes of the Industry including washing, cooling, Heat Exchanging, condensing the steam etc. But Water used in industry is not consumed. Hence, almost all industries generate wastewater from their activities that needs serious action. So improper discharge of wastewater can pollute the local environment. In many manufacturing Industries, by-products can be treated as wastewater called “Effluent” are treated before its release into the environment.

Twellium commitment to environmental sustainability is highlighted through this Effluence Treatment Plant (ETP) for waste management. This state-of-the-art facility ensures that all industrial waste the company generates is treated effectively, preventing any waste from being sent to the surrounding towns. By doing so, Twellium mitigates potential environmental hazards and promotes a clean and safe environment for local communities. This proactive approach to waste management underscores the company’s dedication to preventing environmental havoc and maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship.

This Effluent Treatment Plant processes up to 1,000 cubic meters of wastewater daily. All wastewater from the facility is sent to the ETP, ensuring that their effluent discharge parameters meet the GS 1212:2019 effluent discharge parameters for food and beverage industries.

Stonebowy, brand ambassador for one of their products toured their factory today, he commended leadership of the company for such a proactive approach.

Since the inception of this company in 2013, it has significantly contributed to employment and economic growth in Ghana and has also played a vital role in enhancing the infrastructure of the regions where its factories are located.

Through various initiatives and investments, Twellium has brought about notable improvements in the manufacturing sector and the nation’s industrialization agenda by investing in dominant technology globally, transforming communities, drainage systems, land growth, particularly in Kotoku where one of its factories is situated, creation of numerous job opportunities and pioneering the consumption of made in Ghana products. The company that adheres to good processes and practices has HACCP, ISO 9001:20015, and HALAL Certifications.

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