Trending: Ghanaian Youth Calls for #TheNewForce

Silhouettes of People Holding Flag of Ghana

In recent trends, Ghanaian youth rage over unbearable living conditions in the country. A sect of youth flooded social media with their struggles and unfair government leadership. They expressed how fast-growing unemployment, cost of living, road access, inaccessible water, corruption, educational instability, and no hope for all successive governments.

This seems like a call to a third force aside from the NPP and NDC who have failed Ghanaians over these years. According to some tweets, they are demanding for a new force to change the lives of the youth.

There have been a couple of open discussions around the general cost of living in Ghana. The rage has spread across various platforms on social media. These discussions are not new to Ghana, #FixTheCountry and other forces have led youth to protest and demand accountability from successive governments.

Over the weekend, the escalating call for #TheNewForce has been seeking the rise of a new generation of leadership.

Some Tweets;

Silhouettes of People Holding Flag of Ghana
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