Spotlight On Janet Assibi — A Ghanaian Change Maker.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” — a popular quote by Desmond Mpilo Tutu (7 October 1931 – 26 December 2021) a South African Anglican bishop and theologian, known for his anti-apartheid and human rights activism.

It is said that the development we yearn to see starts from individual level; thus, the little positive things we do individually come together to change the world.

In our endeavor to transform the world’s miseries, it is critical that we prioritize humanitarianism – the advancement of human wellbeing. This philosophy is based on the belief that all humans deserve respect, dignity, and a good life and should be treated accordingly.

Kobbykyeinews team — we have taken upon ourselves to throw more lights on individuals changing lives with the small opportunities and resources they have. Interestingly, We have encountered so many young Africans who are changing lives in their own small ways — some are entrepreneurs, nurses, doctors, teachers etc. These people are doing amazing things that the world must know and appreciate them.

We recently highlighted Sir Don Francis, a thirty-year-old trained teacher at Gomoa Afransie SDA primary school in the central area who is doing wonderful things to improve people’s lives. Another incredible young teacher is going beyond the ordinary and bringing smiles to the faces of many youngsters around the country.

Madam Janet Assibi, often known as Ama Val, is a kindergarten teacher at Akyem Aboabo Presbyterian Primary School in Ghana’s eastern area. She is known as the sewing teacher because aside her teaching duties, she has been donating new school uniforms, footwear, sanitary pads, and other basic necessities that encourage these students to attend school every day.

Jenet, 25, not only donates to her school [Akyem Aboabo Presbyterian primary school], but also to many other schools throughout the country. She recently donated school uniforms and other supplies to a school in Nandom, a town in the upper west part of the country. She has made numerous donations.

She began her humanitarian endeavor a few years ago after being sent to a village in the Bono region to do her national duty after graduating from teacher training college. She realized that many of the children in the school did not have uniforms, and others came to school with torn uniforms, so she decided to purchase a sewing machine to address the issue.

Seeing the young people she refers to as future leaders walk to school in tattered clothes inspired her to put her sewing skills to action. She has promised to continue doing so till her last day on earth.

“I will continue with this initiative until my last breath. It all started when I was posted to Nsoatre in the Bono Region for my teaching practice. When I reached the school, I realized that some students come to school with torn uniforms and others too with no uniforms at all.

 Janet needs more support to continue making more impacts.

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