SAD! Prioritize Welfare Of Ghanaian Teachers, They Deserves Better — Nana Yaw Fianko Tells Gov’t

Welfare of a typical Ghanaian teacher; something not taken seriously since time immemorial. Have you thought of that? This is very appalling!

Better education they say is the back bone of every country — education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about shaping minds, fostering critical thinking, and driving positive change. A country’s progress and stability heavily depend on the quality of its education system. To ensure this, teachers/lecturers plays pivot roles and so their welfare must not be taken for granted.

There has been lots of concerns raised about the poor welfare of Ghanaian teachers and in a recent video monitored by, senior journalist Nana Yaw Fianko — on his program, THE AGENDA SHOW on Atinka television threw more lights on the plights of Ghanaian teachers. He spoke extensively on why it’s about time that ‘managers’ of this country pays critical attention to the welfare of its teachers from lower to high levels of education.

He believes over the years, almost every government focuses more on student centered policies not thinking about those who plays major roles in equipping the children with the right knowledge, mentor them to become great personalities in the country.

Free senior high school, Community day school, One Student one laptop, School feeding program — this and many others are student centered. These are not bad policies but concerns of this journo has to do with governments always paying attention to children and neglecting the welfare of the teachers.

Still in the video, Fianko again made this profound statement that when it comes to ensuring better education in a country, the focus should not always be on buildings, the sugarcoated policies but also, the teacher because all these without teachers welfare made a priority, almost all efforts will be in vain.

In 2018, there was an interesting written by Ghanaian columnist, Derbie Rapheal which was published on titled “the plight of the Ghanaian teacher” . As the title suggests, the article tells captivating stories of Ghanaian teachers. Read full article below 👇

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