Missing Children Ghana Empowers Youth at Assemblies of God Ghana 2023 Missionettes Rally

In a proactive move aimed at bolstering children’s awareness of their surroundings, Missing Children Ghana actively participated in the annual Missionettes Rally hosted by the Assemblies of God Ghana – Teshie District in 2023. The organization, dedicated to safeguarding children, seized the opportunity to impart crucial knowledge to over 200 attendees during a comprehensive two-hour session.

The focus of the session was to evaluate the children’s familiarity with fundamental information such as the full names of family members, contact numbers, home addresses, and other essential details. Additionally, the event served as a platform to equip the children with skills to handle emergency situations effectively.

Guiding the interactive session was Regina Asamoah, the Executive Director of Missing Children Ghana. As she engaged with the young participants, she emphasized the importance of knowing comprehensive information about their families, including parents’ full names and contact details. Ms. Asamoah stressed that such details are vital for reuniting children with their families if they were ever to go missing. “Knowing your parents’ name in full, their contact numbers, where they work, the name of the school you attend, where you stay, and which major landmark is close to your house are very important in helping to reunite you with your family in case you get missing,” she emphasized.

Ms. Asamoah who is also a child advocate, further urged mentors to ensure that children are adequately prepared for emergencies during events. Recommending identifiable attire in bright colors and the establishment of safe meeting points, she underscored the importance of fostering a sense of collective responsibility among the children. “When you travel with the children for events, you have to ensure they all come in an identifiable attire, preferably bright colors. You have to encourage each one to look out for the other. You identify a safe spot where any of the children should go and wait for you in case, they lose track of you. Always learn to prepare the children for emergencies,” she advised.

Addressing the mentors directly, Regina Asamoah encouraged them to be attentive and responsive to the needs of the children, particularly when they seek guidance at church. She emphasized that mentors often play a crucial role in the lives of children, and their attentiveness could potentially save a child from dangerous situations arising from abuse or poverty.

Belgian social worker Florence Van den Hende, who volunteers with Missing Children Ghana, urged the children to maintain awareness of their surroundings and promptly report any suspicious activities to their parents or guardians. Van den Hende, leveraging her dual role, emphasized the importance of children being vigilant and actively contributing to their own safety by communicating any concerns to their caregivers.

Representing the church, Mrs. Bessie Anoh Bonsu, the Teshie District Missionette Sponsor, expressed gratitude to the Missing Children Ghana team for conducting such an insightful session. She acknowledged the pivotal role the church plays in ensuring the safety of children and expressed confidence that the lessons learned would be disseminated within the church community to protect children from violence and exploitation.

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