Independent Presidential Candidate, Desmond Kwame Abrefah Visits Dagbon Yaa Naa Abubakari II For Support

In a significant show of support for national unity and cooperation, independent presidential candidate Desmond Kwame Abrefah recently paid a visit to the revered overlord of Dagbon, Yaa Naa Abubakari II, in a meeting that highlighted the growing influence of Abrefah’s campaign.

Amidst a charged political landscape ahead of the upcoming presidential elections, Desmond Kwame Abrefah’s visit to Yaa Naa Abubakari II showcased his commitment to uniting the diverse cultural and ethnic communities in Ghana. With Dagbon being a key stronghold for the traditional leadership of the Dagomba people, this visit holds immense symbolic value for Abrefah’s aspirations of bridging gaps and fostering inclusivity if elected.

During the meeting, Abrefah demonstrated his deep respect for Dagbon’s rich cultural heritage by engaging with the media in the Yendi Municipality. Mr. Desmond believes that human needs like water, electricity, and roads are not things politicians should use in their campaigns because they’re a must and citizens should enjoy them.

His Royal Majesty Yaa Naa Abubakari II welcomed Desmond Kwame Abrefah in the traditional way by giving him cola and a smock, which signifies the happiness of the Overlord upon Mr. Desmond’s arrival in Dagbon Kingdom.Yaa Naa Abubakari II expressed his support for Desmond Kwame Abrefah, giving him assurance that he should call on the palace whenever there is a need. Yaa Naa also advised Mr. Desmond to always think of building peace in Ghana first in his campaigns.

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