GIMPA Law Faculty Head Launches Comprehensive Guide To Solve Ghana’s Energy Challenges

A significant contribution to the discourse on Ghana’s energy sector has emerged with the launch of a book authored by Lom Nuku Ahlijah, head of the GIMPA Law Faculty. This pioneering work serves as a comprehensive guide, delving into the intricacies of Ghana’s energy policies and laws while providing practical solutions to the challenges faced by the industry.

As a former Attorney of the Ghana Grid Company, Ahlijah brings a wealth of experience to the table. The book meticulously dissects challenges within the sector, ranging from intermittent power outages, colloquially known as ‘dumsor’, to the complexities of power generation, consumption, procurement, transmission, and distribution.

What sets this publication apart is its commitment to accessibility. “I’ve tried as much as possible to write in very simple, straightforward language, breaking down the various components of the energy sector so anybody who picks the book can read and understand how the sector works and how it impacts our lives,” stated Ahlijah.

Beyond identifying challenges, the book offers tangible solutions and sheds light on Ghana’s policy framework. It outlines the nation’s ambitious goals to achieve net-zero energy-related carbon emissions by 2060. Ing. Kirk Koffie, former Director of the Volta River Authority, emphasized the book’s importance, noting, “There’s a lot of work to do in the energy sector, and this book will help us understand what it takes and make us appreciate the challenges we have.”

As Ghana navigates the complexities of its energy future, Lom Nuku Ahlijah’s book emerges as a definitive resource, providing a roadmap for industry professionals and enthusiasts to understand and address the challenges inherent in the nation’s energy sector.

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