Dr. Jones-Mensah commissions water project in Anyako

Magnificent success it was on Thursday when Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah commissioned a water project at Kpota in Anyako.

He was joined by chiefs and people of Anyako at the Anlo Awomefia SHS.

Anyako’s over two decades water problem was put before Dr. Jones-Mensah and his KJM Foundation five months ago by some elders and indigenes to which he responded swiftly with a first step.

Dr. Jones-Mensah said a second phase of the water project will continue with the engagement of technical officers to lay pipes from Heluvi to Anyako main township.

Dr. Jones-Mensah also announced two scholarship slots to brilliant but needy Anlo Awomefia SHS students up to the university level every year. Mr. Sorah Agbavor, headmaster of the school expressed gratitude to the founder of KJM Foundation for the educational opportunity as well as the water project.

Torgbui Kposegi IV and Torgbui Agbetsi Zewu IV, all of Anyako also graced the occasion.

Torgbui Kposegi IV of Anyako Woeto thanked Dr. Jones-Mensah for his humanitarian gesture and prayed for God’s guidance on him and his companies.
“I have been on this throne for 20 years and now we have potable drinking water through the benevolence of Efo Kojo Jones-Mensah. We are touched by his kind and selfless gesture. We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship between the Anyako community and Dr. Jones-Mensah,” Torgbui Kposegi IV said.

He added, “I have tasted the water. It is sweet and on point. God bless Dr. Jones-Mensah.”
Torgbui Kposegi IV observed he never knew potable water could be discovered in Anyako due to the extreme salinity of the water table of the community.

Dr. Jones-Mensah thanked everybody for gracing the occasion and announced that no community in Keta Constituency will be left behind in the quest to provide potable water as well as address pressing needs towards livelihoods, empowerment, and development.

Dr. Jones-Mensah established KJM Foundation with the sole objective of impacting lives and serving humanity.

The Foundation provides potable water to deprived communities in Ghana, scholarships to brilliant but needy students, and women/youth empowerment.

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