Desmond Kwame Abrefa – An Independent Presidential Candidate Ahead Of 2024 General Elections

Since 1992, the Ghanaian political space has been dominated by only two political parties — the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party. Many have expressed disappointment in the two political parties and are calling for a third force.

Many political parties have emerged with the intention of claiming power from these strong parties, but all efforts have been fruitless. Aside these new political parties, many individuals have contested as independent candidates for the nod to manage affairs of the country but till date none has been successful.

Ahead of the 2024 general elections to determine whether the New Patriotic Party can break the eight or the National Democratic Congress led by an ex-president of the country will be re-elected, a young man named Desmond Kwame Abrefa has declared his intentions of becoming the next gentleman of the land.

Kwame Abrefa — a young intelligent entrepreneur believes it’s about time the youth get the opportunity to take charge of affairs. According to him, the misfortune of the African continent is mainly because in many countries on the continent, leadership positions are given to the aged. In Africa, many believes intelligence and competence are measured by age which is fallacious.

Abrefa has been touring many media houses to share what he thinks can help Ghana — the first West African country to gain independence from the colonial masters through the efforts of His Excellency Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and all the other forefathers with the strong feeling that citizens of the country are overly capable of managing the affairs but…….

He believes leaders of this country have lost track and that’s the reason there is an unbearable suffering in the country. Unemployment, corruption rate keeps galloping, mismanagement which is leading the country to generational debts. A country blessed with natural resources, fertile land and many more yet, importation of basic stuff has always been something we can’t get rid of — very disheartening, he strongly believes.

From all his media rounds, one major thing he keeps mentioning has to do with creating jobs for the young people who are desperately leaving the country for greener pastures overseas. He has said on countless platforms that industrializing the Ghanaian economy is the best way to solve this problem at hand.

In less than 365 days, the 2024 general elections will be held to select the next president of the country, almost all the parties have selected their candidates to contest, Desmond Kwame Abrefa is very optimistic that he is the next president of the country.

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