Deputy Transport Minister Appluads DVLA For Innovative Customer Services

In a noteworthy testament to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), the Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Fredrick Obeng Adom has extolled the organization for its pioneering efforts that have ushered in substantial operational reforms.

The deputy minister hailed DVLA’s progressive approach, highlighting its substantial improvements in service delivery, technological integration, and the overall enhancement in customer experiences.

Expressing resolute commitment, the minister affirmed that his office is dedicated to support in shaping policy direction to boast the authority’s performance. Additionally, he commended the Authority’s proactive preparations for the upcoming International Driver and Vehicle Innovations Conference (IDVIC) scheduled for October 2023.

The Hon. Deputy Minister made these remarks when he addressed the management and staff of DVLA at their 2023 Mid-Year Review Conference held in Sunyani on the theme, “Delivering Quality Service through Service Optimisation; A Panacea to Consolidating our Gains,”. The Deputy Minister further articulated the dynamic evolution of the transport sector.

He emphasized the need to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape, citing the introduction of electronic vehicles as a prime example of a progressive shift in the industry.
The Deputy Minister also underscored global trends, such as the emergence of flying car manufacturing in some advanced countries and the exploration of hydrogen-powered vehicles in Malaysia. He emphasized the imperative of aligning with international standards and embracing innovative paradigms.

On her part, the Bono Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Owusu Banahene, hailed the organization’s transformation from a once delayed and overcrowded institution to one that now embodies administrative efficiency. Hon. Banahene lauded the DVLA’s internal innovations and effective leadership that has helped reshaped its image.

Ms. Banahene commended the eradication of past challenges, noting the remarkable improvement in process efficiency and the reduction of delays. Her sentiments were echoed by Frank Davies Esq., the Board Chairman of DVLA, who emphasized that customer satisfaction remains the central focus of service optimization.

Mr. Frank Davies urged staff of the Authority to continually seek innovative solutions, that would position the organization as a technological front-runner in line with global best practices.

The Board Chairman also launched the Authority’s 25th-anniversary celebrations and acknowledged the staff’s instrumental role in enhancing customer experiences and burnishing the Authority’s reputation.

While celebrating the DVLA’s accomplishments, Mr. Davies cautioned against actions that could tarnish the Authority’s standing and stressed the zero-tolerance stance of the Board on misconduct.

Mr. Kwasi Agyeman Busia, Chief Executive of DVLA, described the Authority as a vital link between citizens and open roads. He emphasized the Authority’s pivotal role in ensuring road safety, maintaining vehicle standards and certifying competent drivers.

Mr. Busia underscored the evolving automotive landscape and DVLA’s mission to embrace technological advancements and environmental sustainability. He championed digitization and online services as transformative tools, enabling seamless transactions and positioning DVLA as a global customer-centric institution.

Advocating for the adoption of electric vehicles, Mr. Busia envisioned a future of clean and green transportation in Ghana. He emphasized the role of DVLA’s enabling laws in shaping a more sustainable future and reducing the impact of fossil fuels.

He expressed optimism that DVLA’s initiatives and innovations will resonate beyond his tenure, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.
The Bono Regional Manager of the Authority, Mr. George Okyere, welcoming the participants to the Bono Region, said DVLA has seen a significant shift in its operations in the last decade with substantial successes.

He noted that staff of the Authority were not content as emerging challenges, customer dynamics and technological advancement continued to create both opportunities and threats. Mr. Okyere expressed the hope that the Conference would afford DVLA the chance to take stock of its reforms and strategize to improve its operations.

Various Departments, Units as well as the Regional and District heads took turns to make presentations reflecting their respective roles, responsibilities and performance over the first half of the year.

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