Tamale West Hospital in Ghana has received a significant boost in its efforts to combat malaria, thanks to a generous donation of antimalarial medications from Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana. As the world relentlessly keeps fighting the malaria disease, this timely contribution underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing one of the most pressing public health challenges in the region.   

Malaria continues to be a major health concern in Ghana, particularly in areas like Tamale, where transmission rates remain high. The burden of this mosquito-borne disease weighs heavily on communities, affecting both health and economic prosperity. In the face of such challenges, initiatives like Bliss GVS PharmaGhana’s “ACT for Africa”, a Malaria Free Continent campaign aimed at prevention, and treatment are essential in reducing the impact of malaria on individuals and families. 

Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana’s donation of antimalarial medications to Tamale West Hospital exemplifies corporate social responsibility in action. By providing essential medicines like Lonart, Gsunate and others, the pharmaceutical company not only supports the hospital’s efforts to treat malaria cases effectively but also contributes to the overall goal of malaria control and elimination in the region. 

“We are pleased to partner with Tamale West Hospital in the fight against malaria especially as World Malaria Day approaches,” said a representative from Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana, Mr. Ibrahim Mumuni. “This donation as spearheaded by the Managing Director of Bliss GVS Pharma, Mr. Gagan Sharma reflects our commitment to improving access to healthcare and promoting community well-being, especially in areas affected by preventable diseases like malaria. We have been making donations, and this year marks our fourth consecutive year of doing so”.

With access to quality antimalarial medications, the hospital can enhance its capacity to diagnose and treat malaria cases promptly, thereby reducing complications and saving lives. Moreover, this support reinforces the hospital’s role as a frontline institution in the battle against malaria in the Tamale community. 

Receiving the items on behalf of Tamale West Hospital, Dr. BillahBagamsah, Head of Pharmacy Department, expressed gratitude to Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana for the good gesture. He said, “Malaria is among the top three mortalities in the hospital and this donation will really go a long way to curb and reduce the incidence rate.” He added that “Pregnant women and children under five years are the most vulnerable groups. So, we’ll be targeting them. If you check our OPD attendance, currently, as the rain has started, the OPD attendance for malaria is increasing and with these products, it will help the hospital treat this illness.” 

Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana’s commitment to supporting Tamale West Hospital underscores the power of partnerships in tackling global health challenges. By working together, stakeholders from the public and private sectors can make significant strides towards a malaria-free future for all. In the commemoration of World Malaria Day, let us celebrate initiatives like the donation from Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana, which bring hope and relief to communities affected by malaria. Together, we can continue the fight against malaria and move closer to the goal of a healthier, malaria-free world.

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