Maxi Sway features Ponobiom, Article Wan on ‘Meganga’ remix 


One of Ghana’s finest musicians, Maxi Sway has featured Ponobiom and Article Wan on the remix of his ‘Meganja’ song.

According to him, the two artistes have what it takes to make the music reach the masses and authority.

Maxi Sway also added that he believes in the creativity of both artistes and thought it wise to put them on the remix.

Speaking to a section of the media Maxi Sway said, the song does promote the use of marijuana but rather puts a spotlight on the numerous benefits.

He said there has been a lot of humor surrounding the use, however, the time has come for the leadership to consider the economic benefits to save the country.

Maxi Sway said there is so much financially the country could benefit from should proper legislation and regulations be put in place to control its use.

He noted that the video of the song indicated how one could fall foul of the laws when he or she engages in wrong use.

Maxi Sway believes that with the inclusion of Ponobiom and Article Wan, the message could reach many music lovers.

The song is available on all digital platforms for streaming and download.

Stream it here:

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