Akwaboah Jnr Tackles Pertinent Social Issues In New Song — “Barima Nsu”

Phenomenal Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Akwaboah Jnr has released another mind blowing piece, this time around, he is addressing the difficulties and trauma men especially those in typical African societies have to go through to perform their responsibilities — providing the needs of their families and beyond. Some are going through serious marital issues but hardly complain because some believe the society is designed in a very funny way that men struggles to be believed.

Realistically, men are going through a lot to put food on the table, pay school fees, pay bills and make sure lives of their families gets better. Unlike women who freely pour out their anxieties and frustrations, men, especially those in typical African societies hardly do same because of certain culture and belief systems. In Africa, some of the key things that describes a strong man is the ability control emotions and endure pains. This has led lots of men into depression. This has landed some men in lots of unpleasant situations, some are even dead out of this societal problem.

Studies have shown that post-traumatic stress disorder rates are higher among women, but men go through far more traumatic experiences in their lifetimes. This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s important to remember societal effects.

In this beautifully written and composed song by grandson of iconic highlife singer, Master Kwabena Akwaboah, he is encouraging men to speak up to prevent depression which can lead to their early death. The song accompanied by a beautiful highlife beat produced by one of the finest beat makers in the country, K Cee beats also talks about some of the common stress men go through to be seen and respected as a man.

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