Wombmen Worldwide’s Ambassador To Africa, Sika Arthur Announces Fueling Hope Initiative Debuting In Ghana As Part Of December Festivities

In life, we breathe in and we breathe out; we do not only take, we also give out.

Wombmen Worldwide (WW), in its 13th year, is set to give out abundantly in the imminent festive season.

Founded and headquartered in Washington DC, United States, Wombmen Worldwide’s Fueling Hope will make two stops this December; one in Ghana’s capital, Accra, and another in the Garden City, Kumasi.

Fueling Hope is a philanthropic initiative, aimed at providing urgent and meaningful help to men (human beings) with wombs – women – in need, spreading radiant hope.

On the D-Days, there will be massive food distribution to women, a cultural showcase, addresses by guest speakers and a fundraising session, a session for pitching business ideas for loans, among other things.

Fueling Hope is spearheaded by Wombmen Worldwide ambassador to Africa, Sika Arthur, a network engineer and philanthropist.

Wombmen Worldwide, she revealed, was founded by former US government officials and contractors.

She also explained, in the press interaction, Wednesday, November 8, that WW “is a community outreach programme with three goals: To empower, to educate, and to uplift cisgender women around the world with as much resource as we can for [them] to accomplish as much as they possibly can”.

She explained a cisgender woman as “a natural born female who has chosen to stay so”.

Sika, by her own admission, was born with “a metaphorical silver spoon” in her mouth, affording her the rare opportunity to live and, “chase my all-so-large dreams in my cocoon of love, comfort, protection, and financial security”.

For her, unlike others, this is the very firm roots and reason for her philanthropic work.

“I desire nothing more than to create a semblance of this cocoon for women… I genuinely do not believe that women belong on the streets,” she stressed. “I want to see as many women as possible do well for themselves without having to exchange body for money.”

Fueling Hope, she said, “is to create a community where women feel nurtured, loved; a community where women can thrive, and be educated”.

The initiative is an expression of Wombmen Worldwide’s desire “to invest in small businesses” as it avails “small loans to women who want to start businesses”.

Noting that the loans are interest free, she revealed Wombmen Worldwide are partnering with UBA, TD Bank and Wells Fargo.

In the instance where a woman does not readily have a business idea, Sika assured there are “other opportunities, in a boot camp, of sorts” where “women from different organisations will tell you how they were able to accomplish their goals, dreams and business.

“You’re going to find out how they started, how much money it cost for them to start, how long before they started reaping a profit” etc.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, Sika Arthur will receive, at her home, adjacent Noire Lounge (Kikibee’s), East Legon, Accra, all women in search of financial and mentorship assistance.

Whereas, on Saturday, December 23, she will be in Kumasi with a charity feast for 10,000 women.

Formerly with the US government’s FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Sika Arthur strongly urged women, who are in dire need of support, “to reach out to us. Don’t be ashamed, it’s the reason I am here, it’s the reason we’re here. I look forward to meeting each and every woman”.

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