Anne-Sophie Avé Insists Creatives Promoting Ghana Overseas Deserves Diplomatic Passport.

Former France ambassador to Ghana, Ann Sophie Ave has called on the government of Ghana to consider giving some hardworking Ghanaian creative personalities diplomatic passports due to their great efforts to always promoting the country in other countries.

He mentioned lots of names including Sarkodie, Black Sherif, Stonebwoy and other great Ghanaian creative personalities who have been touring the world — showcasing their talents, telling compelling stories about Ghana. She strongly believes these personalities from the creative industry are very influential and doing a lot for the country so the necessary support must be given to them.

She made this remarkable comment on Twitter after seeing a post by Sarkodie that contains pictures and videos from his ongoing Jamz Album Tour.

According to research by UNESCO on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions published in 2022, it is extremely usual for artists, particularly those from Africa and other developing countries, to face visa-related challenges that result in show cancellations or postponements.

Anne Sophie Avé joins requests by various singers, notably Sarkodie, for the government to make diplomatic visas available to artists because of the impact they have on presenting Ghana’s image overseas.

Ghanaians have praised France Ambassador to Ghana, Mrs. Anne Sophie Ave, for her support to the Ghanaian Arts and Culture Industry.

Since his arrival in Ghana in September 2018, the former Ambassador has been involved in the growth of the music sector, hosting music performances both in Ghana and in France, and meeting with some Ghanaian superstars to discuss ways to help build the entertainment industry.

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