Rema’s Hit Single Calm Down Joins The Billions Club On Spotify

In a clear testament to his artistry and global appeal, one of Nigeria’s fastest rising stars, Rema has achieved a remarkable milestone with his hit single Calm Down, featuring Selena Gomez reaching one billion streams on Spotify. This is the first African artist-led track to join the Billions Club on Spotify.

According to data shared as part of Spotify’s Afrobeats: Journey to a Billion Streams project, Rema ranks among the top 10 most streamed Afrobeats artists on the platform, so it is no surprise that the song has reached this milestone in a little over a year.

The achievement not only highlights Rema’s growing influence in the music industry but also stresses the power of cross-cultural musical fusion in today’s interconnected world. Rema, a Nigerian artist, featured an American artist, Selena Gomez, in a remix that took the world by storm. 

“It’s a blessing. It’s not just a big win for me, my team and family, it’s also a big one for the culture. I feel really happy and I’m really proud of the fans as well for going back to the song and putting people on the song. Shout out to the DJs and everyone who made this possible,” said Rema when he heard the news from Spotify.

Calm Down quickly became a worldwide favorite because of its catchy mix of Afrobeats rhythms, blended with afro-fusion melodies, Rema’s unique and soulful singing and the unexpected addition of Selena Gomez on an Afrobeats song.

The song production was made with a combination of modern and traditional elements, showing how African music is changing and growing.

The billion-stream milestone on Spotify is no small feat, as it signifies the popularity of Calm Down and Rema’s ability to create music that transcends borders and resonates with a diverse audience. His unique sound has propelled him to the forefront of the global music stage, with the song having its highest streams from the USA, India, Mexico, Brazil and the UK.

The song’s infectious chorus and relatable lyrics have made it a go-to track for both dancefloors and personal playlists, with data showing that Calm Down has been added to over a million Spotify playlists.

“This milestone is absolutely remarkable for Rema, marking a pivotal moment for this talented artist and the entire Afrobeats community. It’s clear that the genre is making a significant impact and gaining substantial influence on the global music stage, and we are excited to continue supporting it at Spotify,” says Victor Okpala, Spotify’s Artist and Label Partnerships Manager for West Africa.

This moment symbolizes the power of music to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries and serves as a beacon for aspiring artists to create authentic, boundary-pushing music that resonates with audiences around the world. 

With this milestone, Rema cements his place as a true musical trailblazer and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in his career.

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