Nigerian Idol S8 Sets Record With 94 Golden Tickets In First 2 Days

It was another exciting day at the Nigerian Idol auditions as Day 3 brought even more talented singers to the stage.

In just 48 hours(shown on TV over 2 weeks), Nigerian Idol season 8 has already awarded an impressive 94 Golden tickets, setting a new record for the highest number of tickets given in the history of the show.

With such a high number of talented contestants moving forward, it’s safe to say that this season’s competition will be fierce..

The auditions started off with DG Tycoon, a student who loves fashion. However, his singing performance did not impress the judges, especially Simi, who gave him a blunt “NO.” Reigneth, on the other hand, wowed the judges with her rendition of “Rise Up” by Andra Day and received a resounding YES from all three judges.

Sapphire Whinnas also impressed the judges with his performance of “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble, earning him a golden ticket. However, not all contestants were as lucky, as a few received NOs due to their poor singing ability.

Akinwande, a TV producer, writer, and guitarist, wowed the judges with his self-written song, receiving a triple YES from all three judges. Paul Bielonwu, who played the saxophone and attempted to sing “Iyawo Mi” by Timi Dakolo, received a unanimous NO from the judges.

There was also 16-year-old Shemilore Eniola Tabitha who impressed the judges with her beautiful rendition of “Love in the Dark” by Adele, earning her a golden ticket and a chance to compete in theatre week alongside 136 other talented contestants. Among them are Goodness, Soultunes, Amaka, and Yella, and earning their place in the next level of the competition.

Theatre week proved to be even more challenging as the contestants were given 12 songs to choose from and had to quickly learn and perform them in front of the judges. The pressure was high, and many cracked under it, with only a few making it through to the next round.

Despite the challenges, the talent this season was undeniable, and celebrations were in order as some contestants made it through to the next round. However, with so many headed home, the disappointments were hard to take in.

Viewers are in for a treat next week as the show introduces a new segment that promises to be exciting. The next episode will feature duets by the contestants, and viewers can expect to be entertained by the amazing collaborations. This week’s performances were inspiring, and what’s coming what coming promises to be even better. So, stay tuned for an unforgettable experience. One thing is certain: the competition is fierce, and only the best will make it to the top.

Nigerian Idol will broadcast every Sunday at 7 pm on all Africa Magic Channels – Showcase (DStv ch. 151), Urban (DStv ch. 153, GOtv ch. 8), and Family (DStv ch. 154, GOtv ch. 2). There is also the Nigerian Idol pop-up channel (DStv ch. 199) where fans can see all the auditions and “behind-the-stage” conversations.

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