Meet Ghanaian hiphop artiste “Akesisem” raising Ghana’s flag high

Ghanaian hip-hop/Afrobeat artist King Joshua Wilson with the showbiz name “Akesisem” is of one the multifaceted musicians working assiduously to raise Ghana’s flag high. 

“Akesisem” hailing from Ashaiman, Ghana gained notoriety for his weekly Rap battles on Kasahare Level and won most battles to his credit.

During his secondary education at Akro Senior High Technical School, this industrious hip-hop/Afrobeat crooner took his career to a professional level by releasing a single dubbed: “Hold yuh, Rapflu”.

In 2016 he introduced his own movement called the Highstar Life and an annual concert dubbed the Highstar Concert.

A year after releasing his first EP, “Highstarbration,” the Best Hiphop Artist of the Year (GYEA), Kasahare Level Awards winner, and the “Highstar King,” as his enthusiastic admirers refer to him, has recently gained prominence for his musical variety.

As an artist, Akesisem hopes to shed light on the Ghanaian music industry so that other aspiring musicians can shine.

His music has been hailed for its powerful sentiments and ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life, particularly those on the streets.

Hits by Akesisem, such as “Sika Beba,” “Kumlao is on it,” “Higher,” “Ski ski,” and “Freerh,” are currently making waves.

In an exclusive interview with WatsUp TV, the budding artiste, stated unequivocally that, he is in to stay and also to conquer the music industry with his God-given talent. “Above all, my ultimate aim is to raise Ghana’s flag high.

“Yen nye Akesisem” are jingles or signatures that he usually employs in his music. Check out his album here:

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