Doyin David Emerges Head Of House As The Housemates Nominate Each Other For Possible Eviction

It is the sixth week in Big Brother’s house, and things took an exciting turn during the Head of House games. While we could feel the tension from some of the housemates and their zeal to emerge as the next HOH, no one could have guessed how the games would have turned out.

For the first challenge, each housemate was tasked with building a tall tower in the quickest time. Although all the housemates had different impressive structures, only six housemates, Seyi, Mercy, Ike, Adekunle, Cross and Doyin, impressed Biggie enough and qualified for the second round.

For the second phase, the qualified players had to stand on a platform with a leg up while maintaining balance until it was down to two housemates and in the spirit of sportsmanship, Doyin turned on her negotiating skills and bargained a win with Cross. After a gruelling battle of wills and balance, he succumbed upon negotiating for 2 slots for the week’s BFF’s as exchange for his capitulating and then Doyin emerged as the last housemate standing and the week’s Head of House.

Her HOH win automatically grants her immunity from this week’s eviction, and access to the HOH bedroom and kitchen. For her BFFs’ selection, she chose Cross and Kim Oprah – in honour of the deal with Cross – and then Neo and Mercy to spend the week in the HOH lounge with her.

For the black envelope search, it seemed like a lucky time for Prince, Venita and Mercy as they found all three envelopes, but trust Biggie to always have a twist up his sleeve.

Revealing each envelope’s content, Prince’s card read ‘Immunity for one Housemate’, however, he could only pick anyone except himself – in response to which he chose Alex. Mercy’s card read “No Immunity” while Venita’s displayed ‘You Have Won a Riddle’ the riddle being “What goes up and never comes down” which Biggie stated she would have the liberty to use later in the game.

For the second twist of the night, Big Brother announced that there would be no ‘Pardon Me Please’ nominations. In place of the PMPs, each housemate had to nominate three housemates for possible evictions and had 30 minutes to prepare for it. The rule of the nominations also stated that each nomination had to include two starting housemates and one newly joined housemate.

Adekunle, Seyi, Ike, Angel, Pere, and Lucy received the most nominations and at least one of them would be evicted during the live show on Sunday.

In line with the house rules, the nominated housemates are not permitted to canvas for votes or speak to their perceived audience s and fan bases. While we predict the nominations will rock the state of things in the BBNaija house this week, the game is far from over. However, the ultimate power lies in the voters’ hands.

It’s time for the audience to wield their power.

Find below each housemate’s nominations:

Alex – Adekunle, Omashola, and Pere

Whitemoney – Ike, Adekunle, Ceec

Adekunle – Angel, Whitemoney and Prince Nelson

Ceec – Seyi, Adekunle, Prince Nelson

Doyin – Venita, Seyi and Sholzy

Soma – Pere, Mercy, and Lucy

Angel- Whitemoney, Prince and Kim Oprah

Mercy – Pere, Adekunle, and Lucy

Ilebaye – Seyi, Lucy and Ike

Pere – Venita, Seyi, and Omashola

Seyi – Angel, Pere, and Prince

Ike – Prince, Angel and Ilebaye

Venita – Angel, Ilebaye, and Prince

Neo – Kim Oprah, Whitemoney, and Ike

Cross – Lucy, Ilebaye, and Adekunle

The houseguests, Kimoprah, Omashola, Lucy and Prince were not allowed to nominate, here were their choices.

Kim Oprah – Adekunle and Neo,

Omashola – Lucy and Angel

Prince Nelson – Adekunle and Lucy

Lucy – Angel and Soma

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