Ama K. Abebrese To Host The 5th Annual GLOMAMA Awards 2023 In London

British Ghanaian actress, host and producer will be hosting the 5th Annual GLOMAMA Awards.

The GLOMAMA Awards, dubbed the ‘Baftas’ for mothers are a prestigious awards which celebrates the achievements of mothers on social media and is a mainstay feature in the mainstream British press such as OK! Magazine, Daily Mail and BBC

GLOMAMA awards were first launched in 2018 after founder Agnes Agyepong suffered from post-natal depression following the birth of her child. GLOMAMA was an affirmation that Agnes used to try and bring positive thinking to the forefront. She attributes a combination of positive affirmations and social media communities to helping her battle her mental health challenges. Now she celebrates these women and these communities through the GLOMAMA awards.

With tens of thousands of votes cast by the general public, the awards are only getting more prominent; with the recent launch of the GLOMAMA podcast and the introduction of the Fatherhood awards – it is set to continue.

Agnes Agyepong comments; “We’re back for our 5th GLOMAMA awards! I started GLOMAMA when I was at my lowest ebb, I’d lost my identity, and I was struggling. I remember scrolling on social media, and everything just started to click. Other mums were out there struggling too. There weren’t just filtered photos, real mums were sharing real experiences, and I knew at that moment that I wasn’t alone. GLOMAMA is a celebration of mothers’ achievements on social media. Everyone has a story and a purpose, and we’re here to celebrate that.”

Ama K. Abebrese also expressed her excitement saying; “I’m excited to be hosting the fifth edition of the awards, especially as it’s Women’s History Month. It is such a wonderful celebration of amazing mothers and their achievements.”

Some of last year’s winners included; Nadu Placca (@n4dup), Kate Lawler (@thekatelawler), Liz Pemberton (theblacknurserymanager), Louise Boyce (mamasstillgotit_), Dr. Katie Benhura (mama_kates), Safiyya Vorajee (@miss_safiyya_), Positive About Down Syndrome (positive_about_down_syndrome) and Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon).

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