Akaribo Soccer Academy CEO Points Out A Major Factor Undermining Ghana Premier League

The Chief Executive officer of Akaribo Soccer Academy, Samuel Akaribo Ayouka has expressed worries concerning how Ghanaian football clubs and agents sell young players to clubs overseas. In a media engagement few days ago, he said this has been a major factor undermining the growth of Ghana Premier League.

With more emphasis on this, he said Ghanaian clubs are always in a haste to sell players within and after a single season of football. This has contributed to the low recognition of the local league.

He added that, for the Ghana Premier League to be more beautiful and extremely competitive, it will be very important that clubs maintain players to play for more than a season before they are sold. He said even with that, there should be better replacement. Ghanaian clubs need to get the technical eye to recruit better players’, he said.

According to him, he understands that football is capital intensive and so clubs and handlers of these players may need money to keep the business going but for the betterment of the Ghana football and even the sake of the players growth, his opinions must be considered.

CEO of the fast-growing football academy in the upper east region of the country; Samuel Akaribo also suggested that enough attention should be given to football academies developing talents in the country. His academy for instance is very young but producing great talents to boast the Ghana premier league ‘I have produced players like Abdul Aziz, left back for Real Tamale United who is now playing in the Ghana premier league with a top-notch performance’ he said.

Mr Akaribo also pointed out that most of these decisions due to pressures from parents of the players. According to him some parents put unnecessary pressure on their children to go overseas for greener pastures without considering their growth. He therefore advised parents to have patients with coaches/ clubs to groom their wards well before pushing them outside the country.

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