In a monumental leap forward for vocational education and employment opportunities in Ghana, UniJay Limited and Unijay Amaleboba Foundation have joined forces with The Facility Investing for Employment (IFE), acting on behalf of KfW Development Bank and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), to sign a pivotal grant agreement.

The agreement, inked amidst a momentous ground-breaking ceremony, marks a significant milestone in the establishment of the UniJay Centre of Excellence and Hostel Facility for Apparel and Garments. This ambitious project represents a collaborative effort to revolutionize vocational training in the textile industry and address the pressing need for skilled workers.

With the generous support of the KfW Development Bank and the BMZ, facilitated through IFE, UniJay Limited and Unijay Amaleboba Foundation are poised to embark on a transformative journey towards creating a state-of-the-art training facility and hostel. Part of the successful graduates from the training centre will be hired directly by the grantee to work at its new garment factory. This endeavour underscores their shared commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and bolstering employment prospects for Ghanaian youth. A total of 1.977 new jobs will be created by the project: 796 at the grantee’s entity and 1.181 at third party textile factories in Ghana. Around 1,300 of the new employees will be women and around 2,000 will be younger than 24. The IFE grant will be used for the construction of the training and boarding centre and purchase of equipment.

Mr. Steffen Kuhl, Managing Director of IFE, reiterated that “We are not here only for the opening of a factory but also for complementary aspects of a College. We look forward to creating more than just jobs, but an ecosystem that can see to the sustainability of jobs”.

The UniJay Centre of Excellence will serve as a beacon of excellence, equipping students with the practical skills and knowledge essential for success in the apparel and garments sector. Coupled with the provision of modern hostel facilities, the project aims to create a conducive learning environment conducive to holistic growth and development.

Speaking as the Special Guest of the ceremony, Her Royal Majesty Lady Julia Osei Tutu, wife of His Royal Majesty Otumfour Osei Tutu, King of Ashanti stated that “It is an honourto join you all for the sod-cutting ceremony of Unijay Amaleboba Centre of Excellence which for me is an important milestone of addressing the employment deficit that plagues our country’’. She emphasized the critical importance of training our youth in the necessary skills required by industries. Therefore, projects like the UniJay Centre of Excellence and Hostel Facility for Apparel and Garments deserve commendation, encouragement, and support.

In furtherance, the Chief Executive Officer of UniJay Limited and Unijay Amaleboba Foundation, Mrs. Janet Abobigu expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support of IFE, KfW Development Bank, and the BMZ. She emphasized the transformative impact of this collaboration in empowering the next generation of skilled professionals and driving socio-economic development in Ghana.

The ground-breaking event drew distinguished guests, including government officials, industry leaders, and community stakeholders, all united in their shared vision of a prosperous and inclusive future. The ceremony served as a testament to the power of partnership and collective action in effecting positive change.

As construction commences on the UniJay Centre of Excellence and Hostel Facility, stakeholders remain steadfast in their commitment to realizing this transformative vision. With innovation, dedication, and collaboration at the forefront, UniJay Limited and Unijay Amaleboba Foundation are poised to set new standards of excellence in vocational education and empowerment in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

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