Sunda International Teams Up With Let Love Lead-Big Dawood To Donate 2000 Sanitary Pads To Kayayes

Sunda International has expressed their support for the Kayayee initiatve by Let Love Lead – Big Dawood by donating 100 boxes of sanitary pads to the project.

In the heartwarming gesture, Public Relations supervisor for Sunda International, presented 100 boxes of sanitary pads containing about 5000 pads each to Let Love Lead Director for Operation, Mr Frank Saka. The donation is geared towards the initiative taken by the Let Love Lead NGO to help the head porters working in our markets.

The intitiative which is set to take place on the 2nd of October 2023 is in acknowledgement of the high cost of sanitary products. The prices of sanitary pads in the country has seen a significant spike in recent times rendering it difficult to purchase a one. Concerned users of the products and sympathisers took to the streets to demonstrate against the souring prices of sanitary pads and described it as “putting a tax on their periods”.

The demonstration revealed the shocking truth that the taxes placed upon such feminine products makes them inaccessible to poor and vulnerable women and girls in the society. Let Love Lead – Big Dawood has taken initiative to help the poor and vulnerable in the society and these include the Kayayee who work our local markets.

In December 2022, Let Love Lead – Big Dawood organized a free health screening event in Mfantsiman West, Ghana, benefiting 500+ individuals, offering medical supplies, and promoting preventive healthcare. They also supported widows in Cape Coast through donations, empowering them for self-reliance. Additionally, they distributed 5,000 food packs in Accra, provided free trotro rides and chocolates to commuters, and donated essential items to the New Life Nungua Children’s Home International, showcasing their commitment to community care and child welfare.

Sunda International decision to partner and donate 100 boxes to the cause us a showing that love truly leads.

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