Producers Of Awake Mineral Water Partners ‘Emerge New Woman’ For Mental Wellbeing Project

In a collaboration aimed at fostering women’s mental wellbeing, economic stability and inclusion, Awake Mineral Water has teamed up with Emerge New Woman, an organization dedicated to mental well-being amongst women. This partnership marks a significant stride towards addressing the economic challenges that impacts the wellbeing of women in Ghana. Through the Seedfund project by Emerge New Women, beneficiaries not only receive essential resources and support for their businesses, but their mental well-being is also prioritised in the demanding landscape of business.

Through the Seed Fund program, spearheaded by Emerge New Woman under the visionary leadership of Lady Mae, Kasapreko has extended support to women. The support, valued at approximately 50,000 Ghana cedis, in the form of 1500 packets of Awake Natural Mineral Water. The aim is to startup and boost the businesses of 50 women.
This holds immense significance for these women, most of whom are small-scale food and beverage vendors either already established or in the process of starting their businesses.

Recognizing the profound impact of mental health on our daily living, the Seed Fund project integrates mental well-being services into its support structure. By offering tailored business development support alongside access to mental well-being services such as counselling, guidance and Psychoeducation , the program aims to equip women with the tools to navigate the challenges of life while safeguarding their mental health.

Mr Richard Adjei, MD of Kasapreko Company Limited,has shown his commitment to supporting women wellbeing holistically, addressing both their economic needs and mental well-being. “You will understand the impact of mental illness only with firsthand experience and I am pleased to support with Emerge New Woman, on this transformative initiative,”.

Lady Mae, Founder of Emerge New Woman, has expressed her gratitude for the partnership and emphasized the significance of prioritizing mental well-being daily. “We are delighted to partner with Kasapreko Company Limited, to support women entrepreneurs,” said Lady Mae. “By recognizing the importance of mental well-being alongside business development, we can create a more resilient and supportive environment for women to flourish.”

With this substantial support, Kasapreko provides not only a booster or startup for these women’s businesses but also demonstrates a profound dedication to fostering the women’s economic inclusion and development.

The estimated value of 50,000 Ghana cedis underscores the magnitude of the impact that such support can have on women-led enterprises, particularly in a challenging business environment.

For these women, the support translates into tangible opportunities for growth, sustainability, and hope. The provision of Awake Natural Mineral Water equips them with a boost for their businesses, enhancing their capacity to meet consumer demand and maintain in the market. Beyond the immediate material benefits, the estimated value of the support represents a significant investment in the potential and aspirations of these women.

Christiana Akyaa, a beneficiary of this initiative, expressed her gratitude for the support, stating, “I am grateful for the support from Awake and Emerge New Woman. It means a lot to me. I used my business capital to sort out some family emergencies. I was unable to replace stock from my water supply shop. This support has helped me to restock my shop. I now have an opportunity to start over.” Christiana received thirty packets of water. This gesture has made a substantial difference in her ability to continue and rebuild her business.

By empowering these women with resources and skills, this project not only invests in their businesses but also contributes to the broader goal of creating a more inclusive and sustainable society.

This collaborative effort between Kasapreko and Emerge New Woman, the women they support exemplifies the transformative impact that targeted assistance can have on individuals and communities, fostering economic resilience and social progress.

As these women entrepreneurs continue on their economic journeys, they embody the spirit of resilience, determination, and innovation.
The women can only make meaningful contributions to their communities and the economy at large, driving sustainable growth and progress while safeguarding their mental well-being.

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