Gino Feeds Hundreds At Singathon While Afua Asantewaa Sets New Guinness World Record

In keeping with its Truly Cares mantra, Gino, the household tomato mix brand is providing support for Afua Asantewaa’s attempt at a Guinness World Record (GWR) in a unique way.
Gino is ensuring that Afua’s teaming fans at the Akwaaba Village, where the GWR attempt is currently underway, do not go hungry

Gino is doing so by providing hot meals for all the supporters who come to the Akwaaba Village to be a part of a history-making GWR attempt. Since yesterday, fans have been enjoying free jollof and/or goat light soup to help them power on as they in turn provide emotional support to Afua to set a new world record for the longest singing marathon by an individual.

“We are excited about the incredible attempt by Afua to break and set a new world record with the singathon and as a brand that truly cares we are doing this as our way of supporting her,” the Marketing Director at GB Foods Ghana, Samuel Dery said in a statement.

“There is no doubt that the support base has been important in motivating Afua since she started this attempt on Christmas Eve to stay on and keep going,” Mr Dery added.
“For our part, we want to ensure that the support base for Afua never waivers that is why we are making food available for anyone. If you’re at the Akwaaba Village and you are hungry do not leave, just come to the Gino stand, get yourself a meal to keep you energized, and go back and continue supporting Afua,” he maintained.

He said Afua’s four-day-long attempt at setting a new GWR is an inspiring story that aligns with the core values of Gino, and GB Foods Ghana as a whole.
As of the time of filing this report, Afua had equaled the 105 hours GWR currently held by Sunil Waghmare of India and she is well on her way to setting a new record.

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