Gasmilla Leads Falefale Beach Cleanup With Jamestown School Children

Celebrated Ghanaian musician Gasmilla organized a beach cleanup exercise dubbed “Falefale” on Wednesday, April 17th, alongside school children from the Jamestown community. The initiative, which aimed to both clean the beach and educate the younger generation on environmental issues, aligns with the proverb “Train a child the way to go, so they do not depart from it.”

“I believe if we instill sanitation values into the children of today, they will grow up to be environmentally sensitive,” Gasmilla remarked. “Involving the children in the cleanup made the process more enjoyable, and while cleaning, we were also able to educate them on waste sorting and recycling.”

The participation of the school children served a dual purpose: cleaning the beach and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. By engaging with the cleanup effort, the children gained firsthand experience in the importance of protecting the environment and maintaining a clean surrounding. Gasmilla’s initiative empowers these children to become “agents of change,” reducing waste pollution in their communities.

Gasmilla’s commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond the beach cleanup. His social media post highlights the hashtags #Falefalefemo and #WarOnFilth, suggesting a broader campaign to combat pollution and promote environmental consciousness.

Gasmilla’s leadership in this initiative serves as a positive example for the Ghanaian community. By involving the younger generation in environmental action, Gasmilla is helping to build a more sustainable future for Ghana.

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