Blogger Kobby Kyei’s ‘Respect The Zebra Crossing’ Campaign Gradually Getting Results.

Not long ago, phenomenal Ghanaian blogger and freelance journalist, Kobby Kyei, launched a fantastic initiative — Respect The Zebra Campaign and interestingly, it is yielding results.

For about a month, the blogger has spent time on several roads interacting with drivers and pedestrians. Many high authorities, celebrities, and traditional leaders have reacted to this gesture. Many well-known people have joined this initiative to educate and draw the attention of drivers to the marked crosswalk.

This young man who is described as social change advocate has been embarking on lots of impactful campaigns and according to him, this has been overwhelming.

As a blogger who has garnered a significant following on social media, I feel compelled to leverage my platform for the greater good by advocating meaningful causes.

One such campaign that brings me immense fulfillment is the “Zebra Crossing Awareness” initiative. Through this effort, I aim to educate and raise awareness among both drivers and pedestrians about the importance of using zebra crossings correctly.

This campaign goes beyond digital outreach as I actively participate on the roads, ensuring that pedestrians and drivers are well-informed and practice safe behaviors at zebra crossings.

Together, we can make a positive impact on road safety and support humanity through small yet crucial steps.




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