National Film Authority Stakeholders Capacity-Building Workshop Ended Successfully.

The National Film Authority (NFA) has concluded its stakeholder engagement and capacity-building workshop for filmmakers in Accra. The one-day workshop, held on Wednesday, July 26th, 2023, at the prestigious Alisa Hotel, marked the climax of previous engagements across the country, with workshops in Kumasi and Tamale preceding the final event in Accra.

Sponsored by the World Bank and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MoTAC), the workshop was part of the NFA’s Cinema Development Agenda. Its primary aim was to educate Ghanaian filmmakers on the latest trends in film production and distribution, introduce them to emerging technologies and equipment for film production, and provide training in international best practices.

The creative industry, particularly the film ecosystem, has a significant global impact. To ensure that Ghanaian filmmakers can effectively compete in the international market, the NFA recognized the importance of developing the skill sets of local talent. Thus, the capacity-building workshop became a vital initiative to equip filmmakers with the knowledge and tools required for their professional growth.

During the workshop, Prof. Gabriel Eshun, the Technical Advisor of the Ghana Tourism Development project, encouraged filmmakers to leverage their craft to promote Ghanaian culture. Films, he emphasized, are a powerful medium for storytelling and can play a crucial role in showcasing Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, thereby boosting tourism.

Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante, the CEO of the National Film Authority, also highlighted the NFA’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for filmmakers. She asserted that positioning Ghana as a content hub could yield substantial benefits for the country and the film industry. Ms Asante emphasized that the NFA, since its establishment in December 2019, has undertaken several strategic projects to revitalize Ghana’s film sector, making it economically vibrant.

The workshop was also used as an avenue to discuss the draft of the Legislative Instrument (LI), which the NFA is working on to be presented to Parliament. The LI aims to provide a robust legal framework for the film industry, ensuring its proper regulation and growth.

At the workshop, the NFA announced that the tax incentive policy for the film industry has been finalized and it is anticipated to be passed by the end of the year. This policy is expected to boost the growth of the film sector by attracting more investments and encouraging local productions.

The National Film Authority’s capacity-building and stakeholder engagement workshop was a resounding success. By equipping Ghanaian filmmakers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support, the NFA has taken significant steps towards strengthening the country’s position in the global film industry.

With initiatives like the draft LI and the tax incentive policy, the future looks promising for Ghana’s film sector.

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