Her Excellency Grace Jeanet Mason To Be Honored At Africa Events Awards 2023.

Decision is made by organizers of the Africa Event Awards to honor the High Commissioner of South Africa to Ghana, Her Excellency Grace Jeanet Mason for her outstanding contribution to the rapid growth of tourism in both countries.

Her Excellency Grace Jeanet Mason has been building strong diplomatic credentials that is serving as a benchmark for years to come. Already, she has become a favorite of many people due to her outstanding personality which has been hailed widely. She has been trekking the country, engaging with people and building strong ties that speak to the unique relationship that exists between Ghana and South Africa.

Her leadership has played a pivotal role in fostering strong ties between South Africa and Ghana, and her commitment to enhancing cooperation and cultural exchange between the two nations has left a lasting impact. Her unwavering dedication to promoting tourism, Culture and arts among African countries through events is truly commendable.

Ahead of the event slated on Friday, September 22, 2023 the organizers said this………

“Your unwavering dedication to fostering collaboration and partnership between South Africa and Ghana has made a significant impact on both countries. Through your tireless efforts, you have not only strengthened diplomatic ties but also played a pivotal role in elevating Ghana’s position as a premier destination for events and tourism in the region.”

“Your support for various initiatives and collaborative projects between South Africa and Ghana, such as international conferences, cultural festivals, Social Events etc, has been instrumental in promoting Ghana as a vibrant and attractive event destination. These efforts have not only boosted the tourism sector in Ghana but have also provided valuable opportunities for cultural exchange and economic growth.”

“Your visionary leadership and commitment to enhancing Ghana’s event industry have left an enduring legacy, inspiring countless individuals in both nations. Your role in building strong connections between our countries has not only contributed to economic prosperity but has also deepened the bonds of friendship and cooperation that we cherish”

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