Yemi Alade Named Global Aambassador For WiNFUND

Non-profit group WiNFUND has named Nigerian singer Yemi Alade as its global ambassador.

Founded in September 2022, WiNFUND provides investment, business support and mentoring for women-led start-ups working to improve community access to healthcare. Initially launched in Africa, it opened applications to entrepreneurs from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda and received more than 300 submissions, with 16 finalists selected.

Yemi Alade’s new role will see her spread WiNFUND’s message, helping to unlock women’s potential to solve healthcare problems.

“Healthcare is a fundamental human right, but globally, one in two people lack access to it,” WiNFUND said. “Meanwhile, about 70% of healthcare workers are women, and women-led start-ups deliver 35% better returns on investments, yet only 2% of funding goes to women-led enterprises.”

According to WiNFUND co-founder Patricia O’Hayer, supporting women entrepreneurs who are already making remarkable contributions to bridge the healthcare disparity holds significant transformative potential, adding that WiNFUND aims to leverage this power and make a meaningful impact.

Commenting about the appointment, Yemi Alade, who is also a UNDP goodwill ambassador, said: “It is an honour to represent the WiNFUND on a global stage. Its purpose  – to empower women entrepreneurs to solve community healthcare issues  –  reflects my own mission to encourage women across Africa to use the power of their voice to manifest a brighter future.”

As part of the agreement, the Afro-pop artist and activist will use her African Baddie World Tour 2023 and other concerts to champion WiNFUND initiatives. This will include an exclusive performance for holders of WiNFUND NFTs at the renowned Lio London Club on 12 June.

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