Trending Choral Song “Mo Nyae Me” Composed By “TomTom” Makes Massive Waves In Ghana And Outside

The Ghanaian music circle is gradually making room for choral music. Its attention has long been questioned, but in recent years, the choral music community has been shaking the ground with their beautiful songs.

The choral song “Mo Nyae Me,” written by Ernest Brenya Kwarteng, also known as “TomTom,” is currently the most popular one on the internet. The song discusses how magnificent God is. Comedian OB Amponsah was featured on this single, where he exercised his choral skills to praise the Most High God.

Browsing through social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, and others, you’ll see that people in Ghana and other nations are really grooving out to the music. The song has a lot of relevance because TikTok alone has over 12K views.

Choral music is also part of the Ghanaian music culture and thus, much attention should be created for it just like other genres of music in Ghana.

“Tomtom” who happens to be a choral blogger is using his platform to project not only his choral compositions, but that of his fellow choral musicians as well.

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  1. Indeed the Father in heaven many things He do for His children. This music is profound and highly spirited. Yah bless Tomtom the composer through which this music came. Yahspeed

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