Fameye To Release Stunning Visuals For Latest Single ‘Not God’ On August 23,2023

In the realm of Ghana’s vibrant music scene, artiste Fameye has continued to carve out his unique niche.The artiste gears up to unveil the visuals for his latest single, ‘Not God’.

Scheduled for release on August 23,2023, the “Not God” music video is expected to be a visual masterpiece that brings the song’s themes to life, treating fans to a visual feast.

The video, skillfully directed by Andy Madjitey, promises to deliver an immersive audiovisual experience that complements the song’s message and resonance.What adds an extra layer of excitement to the project is the special collaboration with singer Rose Alaba. Rose Alaba, the sister of the renowned footballer David Alaba.

Watch teaser of ‘Not God here.

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