Anold Asamoah-Baidoo Writes: Sarkodie’s RapperholicExhibition An Eye Opener

In July this year, Jay-Z, his imprint Roc-Nation and the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL)put together Book of HOV – a public exhibition chronicling Jay-Z’s musical legacy and it was
unequivocally one of the best highlights of the year in pop culture.

I knew that, if there’s any Ghanaian artiste who had what it takes to replicate what the American superstar did, it had to be Sarkodie! Critically acclaimed, longevity, consistency, dominance, influence and one of the most decorated acts of all time, it was just fitting and grand for Sarkodie’s musical legacy, which spans almost two decades to be on display and in an industry and country where we have no dedicated Museums for the creative industry and no ‘Walk of Fame’ concept, the lay-Z-BPL model is the way to go.

Storied Career

Active in 2005, first album in 2009, Sarkodie’s career has been golden, and the accomplishments struck thus far are enough to bask over and celebrate.

It is no ordinary feat that in an industry where new ‘Kings” are made easily and ‘old luminaries are retired carly, Sarkodie’s longevity and ability “hungry’ needs a louder touting,
It is germane to have the general populace have a stint of such a stellar legacy; the projects, plethora of awards, sold out concerts, philanthropic work, significant collaborations and everything else that has defined the musicin thus far in his carcer.

Solid Partnership

Last week, it was Image Bureau, Aprils Communication partnering with National Theatre to offer one of the best theatricals in the year. This time, Sarkodie’s Sarkcess imprint has collaborated Eagle Plug and Mix Design Hub, two firms that curated the first ever Rapperbolic Exhibition. Obviously inspired by the Book of HOW exhibition, Eagle Plug and Mix

Design Hub firstly picked on the right artiste, one with too many accolades and credits to show ease. They also timed it right, just days to one of the biggest concerts in Ghana, the 10th anniversary of Rapperbolic Concert appropriately themed, Rapperbolic;The
Rebirth. The exhibition hosted by the Mix Design Hub in Osu is opened for just five days and although the duration is short, it is understandable considering the fact that, it is arguably the first time this is being done in contemporary times and there’s also the issue of space.

Hopefully, such a brilliant showcase would get the necessary support to ensure an extended version or probably moved to a bigger space that can accommodate many. The exhibition has been beautifully put together to align with the personality of the artiste, and the zeal and commitment of “SarkNatives’ to see to its success by helping with the process has been commendable.

Firstly, there was a private session that was attended by some high-profile personalities, business moguls, Dr.Osei Kwame, Dr. Ofori Sarpong, venerated actress, Nadia Bari and a host of others. Intriguingly, the spouse and the kids of the artiste also graced
the occasion. The legendary Amakye Dede was also present on Tuesday for a tour plus a performance. The line-up of activities includes a Student Tour, a Fireside Chat, Curators Dialogue and Podcast session. The exhibition closes on the 16th of December 2023!

Way To Go

There are quite a lot of Ghanaian artistes who have worked, blazed the trail and cemented their legacies that need proper showcase to the rest of the world. Sarkodie, together with his partners got inspired and run with the idea and made it work. Others can easily
replicate the move!

Creatives should not always wait on government to take the initiative. With the right partnership, resources and support, anything is possible to fix in this industry; The biggest arenas across the world that host major entertainment events are not owned by government
but private entities. Private entities and accomplished business magnates as well these creatives can capitalize on the convivial atmosphere provided by the government and take bold steps in realizing some projects and initiatives Sarkodic, Eagle Plug and Mix Design did not have to wait on any governmental support to make this work. Make a move!

Source; Graphic Showbiz, Thursday, December 14, 2023

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